Axie Infinity Part 2: Sustainability


Underbreeding occurs when DAU growth exceeds breeding growth which can be caused by 1)high DAU growth and/or 2)low breeding growth.

Due to high DAU growth in July and August, minted SLP supply exceeded burned SLP supply.
AXS required to breed was reduced from 4 AXS to 2 AXS on August 10th, after AXS price was up 80% in a day.
Sky Mavis hinted that they might increase the SLP required to breed on August 9th.
Daily SLP rewards were halved for singleplayer wins from 150 SLP to 75 SLP on August 9th.
Co-founder Jiho tweeted about AXS incentives that will be distributed among players.


Overbreeding occurs when breeding growth exceeds DAU growth which can be caused by 1)low DAU growth and/or 2)high breeding growth.

This is the doom case scenario for Axie Infininty
Required AXS to breed was increased from 2 AXS to 4 AXS on June 30 to slow down breeding growth.



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