The Era of Guilds

Source: Delphi Digital & YGG
Source: BlockchainSpace
  1. Scholar Marketplace: There is no scholar marketplace for Axie managers and scholars. Running an Axie scholarship program (sourcing, selecting, onboarding, monitoring scholars, sending QR codes, making payments) is almost a part-time job. Independent managers might rather have someone else manage the operations. More than 60% of the Axie players are estimated to be scholars and more than 80% of Axie scholars are estimated to be managed by independent managers or small guilds. That adds up to 1.2m scholars. Many upcoming blockchain games are planning to enable scholarships and there will be a need for a marketplace that vets, scores, filters scholars. Some scholars are competitive gamers that can provide higher returns with their in-game skills but managers might also need scholars who can provide other skills such as community management, leadership, marketing, PR, design, data entry, research, etc. As the blockchain gaming ecosystem grows, there will be a need for scholars with different skill sets.
  2. Scholar Scoring: Having a scoring algorithm to score scholars and scholar candidates, can provide a data-driven, quantitative, objective method to hire, monitor performance and sack scholars. The algorithm can take in-game and off-game performance. Off-game performance is more challenging to measure and most scholar candidates won’t have any in-game data. Scoring can be used as an additional incentive mechanism to incentivize scholar candidates to perform certain actions such as sending one Discord message a day, setting up a Metamask wallet, completing a Serum swap, bridging funds to Avalanche, playing a specific game, answering some survey questions. This can enable hardworking scholars to stand out from the crowd and allow guilds to make more merit-based scholar hiring decisions.
  3. Unsecured DeFi Lending: Scholars and scholar candidates with high scores can be eligible for unsecured microloans. This could be a great audience to experiment with unsecured DeFi lending.
  4. Fixed Income Vaults: Even though there might be interest from retail/institutional investors in investing in a specific game’s yield-generating NFTs, they might not have the time or know-how to set up wallets or pick NFTs. Having a vault product can enable users to invest any amount and start earning yields through NFTs and scholarships managed by the guild.
  5. NFT Mortgages: An alternative scholarship model can be offering NFT mortgages to scholars. An Axie scholar could own a team of Axies that he’s been playing with throughout the scholarship period in exchange for not receiving any SLP payments during that period.
  6. Game Discovery Platform: Largest guilds can be the web3 Steam by enabling players to discover various blockchain games.
  7. Fee Share Structure: There can be different structures around sharing scholar earnings such as having a dynamic fee share rather than a fixed one or reserving some % of the scholar earnings in a bonus pool to distribute to top-performing scholars.




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Vader Research

Vader Research

Thesis-driven research firm dedicated to the long-term development of Web3 Gaming. Follow us on Twitter @DeFiVader

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